Hey guys.

this recording is more of a display of my singing than anything else. ive been playing the guitar for quite a while but ive never practiced singing along to my guitar playing. the main reason for that, is that ive never considered myself a decent singer. i would like to change that. this is really the first song ive strummed/sung through completly. its a pretty rough version, i messed up on guitar several times and i swallow some of the words because im reading the lyrics and the chords directly from paper.

please comment mainly on my singing and how i synchronise guitar and singing! thank you!

link isnt working, or do you have to download the site to get the music? Try http://dmusic.com
YES its free and no one has to download anything just to listen. Ex. here is my dmusic account free. http://guitarman4040.dmusic.com/
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just click on the link, then on "free"

dmusic doesnt seem to allow free hosting.
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This song is a folk classic and an old favorite of mine, so it's pretty hard to live up to the original, at least to me personally. Your voice never changed through the whole thing, it was very monotone and off key 90% of the time. The guitar playing shows promise, just keep working on your voice.
yeah thats the type of comments i expected...its just hard for me to sing on key. it doesnt come naturally to me.