OK I found an online metronome and was wondering what are some exercises. I'm pretty good at keeping beat but every once in a while i notice myself going off beat when soloing. I basically taught myself how to keep beat but now that I found this metronome I'm sure I'll be a lot better at keeping beat. Thanks in advance.
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First thing you should try is a scale pattern. Do a major scale on a slow beat, and do one note per 'tick' of the metronome on the way up the scale, then two notes per tick on the way down. Keep doing more notes per tick until you can't keep up, then try a different scale. Eventually, you'll get a solid sense of timing, and you'll get faster, too.

Or, you could just try walks...finger the E string on first, second, thrid fourth frets, then the next string, and so on, using the same pattern with the metronome.
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