This is a simple song and will be played on acoustic guitar.

"Paint Me"
Paint it black,
Over the cracks,
Cover the truth,
Tooth to tooth,

Remove the life,
The signs of strife,
Cover the walls,
Burn down the halls,

You say it's old,
I think it's bold,
You like plain,
I'll go insane,

Now Paint it grey,
The modern way,
I don't wanna feel the same...
every single....

You really bore me........Now Paint yourself Away.
paint it black.....sounds familiar.....
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yeh, hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe its from a really obscure song from a really unpopular band that noones ever heard of......or it could be a really well known stons song, oh well!

nah I like the song quite alot actually, some interesting metaphor, but it oculd be a bit short, maybe add a chorus in to lenghten it. and best of all its an AABB rhyming scheme that actually works and doesnt seem written by someone who came up with some random words that rhyme. good job.
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