ive been having trouble selecting a second guitar as some of you may know, i originally was going for an Epiphone G400 SG but after hearing bad things about the pickups i have decided to stear elsewhere so i was recommended this guitar (Ibanez RG321MH)

i like it for the thin neck and its supposed to be good for metal which is my main style of playing now, and i like the price of it and im told its worth alot more than teh asking price, by others on this site and its made from good wood

i then saw this its an ESP les paul style guitar i really like the les Paul style of guitars and the black makes it even nicer, its the same price as the above guitar but its made of agathis so i dont know whether this wood is good or not?

i would just like someone to steer me in teh right direction regarding these guitars, i play mainly metal but i do play a fair bit of RHCP, jimmy eat world, blues and stuff like that and it would look a bit weird playing those on an ibanez also i dont know if the ibanez can handle those styles? so any help would be greatly appreciated
ibanez is very versitile, thats what people say and ive noticed to handled blues, to hard rock at least
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well i have a ibanez and it totally kicks ass...i play mostly metal too...but i also play punk, blues, and some rockabilly and it works really good for those styles as well...the neck is so unique and lets u play so fast on it...the esp is good for metal but idk how it would do with the other styles cuz esp is mostly used for metal...but ik the ibanez would handle all of those things...check out a ibanez s series guitar they totally kick ass....good luck
Go for the Ibanez no question about it!
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that esp is pretty crap and just thought id say it sounds nothing like a les paul due to the wood.
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yeah go for Ibanez if you play alot of different styles
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agathis blows mahogany is amazing go with the ibanez
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thanks guys i was goin towards the ibanez its just i was drawn to the other guitar buy the les paul style and ive never really been that attracted to the super strat as i always associated it with like real fast shredders and it would make me look as though i could shred when i can't (yet) but i will go for it with the hope of being able to increase my speed easier due to the thinner neck, here hoping i can achieve the right kind of tone for RHCP but if not ll be content with just playin metal, as its really improving my playing and speed,

ive been playing since march now and i can play fade to black which i thought i would take a lot longer to achieve and i can get throught all of master of puppets relatively comfortable(i didnt think id ever be able to play that second solo but i was determined and here i am able to play it) just need to try increase speed more and start working on doing my own licks and solos and stuff
and while im here im also gettin new amp, either a Vox AD30VT or a Roland Cube 30 i was told that the vox is the most versatile but is weak at metal but the roland is very strong at metal and less versatile, u guys have any opinions or suggestions on which i should get?
The Vox!! Get the Vox. There's loads of comparisons about those two, and the Vox (Which I own) is amazing.

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I'd get the Vox, it can do anything.

At least mine can. But I have an AD60, which is a bit different.
right what about the Ibanez and the Epiphone G400 SG which one would be best? considering i play, metal, classic rock, alternative, and RHCP (dunno what you would call them), and a bit of blues, and Guns n roses type stuff, and rock with a hint of pop, lol