a ballad ive been playing for a while, id like some feedback on it... its called Rename


C Am
I had no recollection of what had just went down
But I had an itching feeling that I best be leaving town
F C Am
I had a pocket full pennies and a pistol at my side
I walked on down the road I was looking for a ride
G F Am
The sheriff came on down the road he had a shimmer in his eye
He was looking for a killer he was looking for a sign


Am C G
I?m a dead man in this town and im looking for a ride
I was searching for some truth but all I found was lies
D Am C G
I needa? leave this place for good I needa? get away
But I found that it?s to late and with my life im gonna pay

The sheriff stopped me in my tracks and he gave me a grave look
His eyes old and wise and he could read me like a book
He said ?Put down your weapon son, or I?ll shoot you where you stand?
?So shoot me? I said ?Cus? I did not kill that man
He put a bullet in my head and I fell to the ground
The deputy came runnin? and a dead man?s what he found


The deputy asked a blind-man, he said ? what just happened here??
?The sheriff shot him down he did? the man he said with fear
The deputy was shaking and he could hardly stand
?The sheriff died a day ago, he was murdered by this man?
Hell, I was trying it out just now... whish I'd wrote it
Should be real fun to perform... solo acoustic mega hit in my opinion, tell your band to let you take it solo.
thanx alot man.. i was always a little self consious about this song... i played solo acoustic song with my old band all the time, and now i dont have a band and only play solo acoustic at this point... but i only started playing this song after i lost my band

so your praise means alot to me
I'm having band trouble too... we were only three, were thinking of letting go of our bassist and things are kinda tense between me and the other guitarist (we only had temp drumers).
This piece is alright, it fdeels a little hard to relate too, takling about guns and hitching rides and stuff. also don't put hte chords in there it really messes with the flow of reading it. IT almost seems lie kit's a country song.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?
the song only feels right if you sing it to the chords, you need to understand the harmony of the piece before you can understand the mood
This is true... also play it less like country and more like folk... Dylan or even uptempo like an acoustic Pumpkins song, but yes the mood is supposed to be western, but its just a story

dont confuse it for country plz