right im just starting to do solos nowand ive been playing since january but i think my skills are above average for even a years playin as i can play master of puppets and stuff like that, but i have a problem when tryin to make my own solos, i can make riffs easily, but when icomes to soloing i dont know where to start i always just end up moving through scales and then doin trills on single strings and im not happy with this, any help would be appreciated on how i can improve my playing in this area

i also have trouble making the transition to playing a solo from playin a riff, for example say im playing a riff at the top of the fret board like on the first 5 frets i find it hard to make the transition to playing on higher frets without it sounding aweful and disjointed from the rest of the piece
alright bro, ive been playing for three years and i still cant make my own solo haha. umm what i suggest doing is taking little licks from songs that you think are cool and just stick them together adding your fills here and there. but dont try and use them in the same spots as that song because then people will know you plagerized.
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Learn that speed is not necessarily the best and emotional playing or 'blood playing' is sometimes better. When soloing you need to learn to balance them out. You practise scales to buil up speed right so the slow it down and u will feel more and it will sound better. Thts my opinion.
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