So I've been looking through my old Guitar World mags and I keep seeing ads for this Tony Burnett guy, who supposedly skyrockets your playing almost overnight. Now I've been foolish enough to try things like this before, so obviously Im skeptical. Has anyone ever heard of this guy before, and tried his course? I cant really find much info on the net about him, and Im just curious.
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those ad's are all over the internet too.

"We can help you play like Edward Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Kurt Cobain in just 12 hours"

It's not the 12 hours that makes me laugh, it's the fact that they mention Cobain with SRV and EVH.

I wouldn't waste any money on that stuff, it's all bull****.
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it's true
LoL I got this book called learn PHP in 24 hours...just in case you dont know its a computer language for things on the internet...in a nutshell anywayz...

well...I dunno...if I was a good reader I might have been able to finish it in 24 hrs...but thats just reading...thats not practicing or doing any of your own stuff, or learning...

But give it a shot and tell us how it works out, LoL :P