Hey guys, Im having a little trouble keeping my pinky under control. Ive been playing scales trying to build up speed and i know i should try and keep all my fingers as close to the strings as possible when not playing a note with it.

Now my pinky refuses to obey, its fine playing real slow but the minute i try and go fast the pinky is flipping up and i cant get the little devil under control.

Its especially bad when moving from the bottom string up towards the top...

Has anyone else had this problem and conquered it?
It's going to take a little while to tame it, I've been playing pretty solidly for about 3 and a half months now, and I still get some pinky floppage.
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I don't know if I've conquered it, per se... but I've gotten a little better at controlling it. I tend to practice at work by doing the horse-walk (where you rhythmically tap your fingertips to make the sound of a horse running), and I've basically done that constantly at different speeds. It's helped in my case, I dont' know if it would work on yours.
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