hey cheers 4 that i know which im gonna get now unless ya no of any others that i should check out?
No problem man,

now I don't want to discourage you, because I don't know your situation, but those things are really expensive, are you sure you wouldn't be better off investing that into an amp? I mean, don't get me wrong, they look like really nice pedals, but they are a lot of money. I looked at those before when I owned an MG100, I was planning to try to give my amp some decent sound, but nothing ended up helping it. I got a Mesa V-twin pedal instead, and it didn't really do much at all for my MG. I would have been much better off saving that money for the eventual amp I ended up with. Hindsight is always 20/20 though. What kind of music do you play, what's your amp now, and what's your application for wanting this pedal? Like is it more for silent practice or DI stuff like a PA, or are you planning on pushing an amp with it?
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cool i got a marshall AV im not suer cus it doesnt really say lol but it does say "Advanced Valvestate Technology" so im guessin its a AV lol... its 50watt.... i got a job and im getting used to savin up lol this thurs or next im gettin my 360 so in about 2 months hopefully ill get a decent pedal... i play a wide range rock and maybe some metal but not blues/ jazz etc i spose it would help if i said what bands so it ranges from oasis to blink to lostprophets and feeder etc.... my amp has got a really nice clean sound which i was supprised about but i was used to a Laney 60watt piece of crap lol so i just want to get a real nice deap thick distortion which my amp just cant do very well which is when ya need a pedal lol

also i got expensive since i got my job lol so if ya do come across any other ones just let me know but i listened to the mp3s and the black on had more of what i wanteed than the gold 1

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