On my RG, on the 23rd and 24th frets whenever i play them on my high E it sounds like 22 and 23 played at the same time and sounds like "ree". What do I need to adjust to eliminate this problem?
That is probably a buzz thangy... that can be gotten rid of by raising your action. Also, leveling the frets may help. Don't forget the truss rod.
I've tried adjusting my action and it helps a little bit, and what am I supposed to do as far as leveling the frets, never even heard of that. And you can just forget me touching a truss rod.
Smart about the truss rod. Leveling the frets is something that should be professionaly done, but it indeed gets the frets level. lol Reduces LOTS of buzzing.
your intonation might be shot? do a natural harmonic on the 12 fret. then play the 12 fret plain. they should sound EXACTLY the same.
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That's not it because my octaves before the 12th fret sound perfect, as do past the 12th fret.