I just wanted the views of different people on this subject.

Every musician has been influenced by other artists, but when does that become plagarism? For example, Tom Petty's decision to not sue RHCP's came as a suprise to many, though he was certain, although there were similarities between "Dani California" and "Mary Jane's Last Dance", there wasn't any malicious intent or out-and-out thievery, perhaps just respectful or subconscious influence.

There are also similarities between Chuck Berry's "American Girl" and The Strokes "Last Nite", but no law suit follwed that, neither did Chuck Berry even think about sueing Brian Wilson when they took the riff to "Sweet Little Sixteen" and renamed it "Surfin' USA."
Though, on the other hand, Led Zeppelin put their name to a Willie Dixon song. A law suit follwed, and Dixon walked away a richer man.

These few examples aside, I welcome peoples opinions on when influence becomes plagarism.
Yeah that's a pretty good way to sum it up zamboni. I think in the cases that rubin mentioned where no law suit was involved it's purely because not all people are angry at the world and want to make money in any way possible
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well, it's sort of a non-issue. If a band makes a song that sounds like someone else's, then so what? It's just music. An artist should have all the freedom in the world to make a song that sounds like someone else's. If a group says "We wanted this song to sound like Metallica," or "we were going to for Skid Row-sort-of-vibe," than that is more than ok. Just because it sounds similar to something else does not mean the the group didn't write and should not get complete credit for it. They're just songs - and it's not plagiarism, it's an homage. I mean why didn't Petty sue the Chilis? Obviously the songs sound alike, but then - why does it matter? Petty got a lot of publicity for doing nothing at all. And now a lot of people now that song that didn't previously. That's how people get exposed to new music - through the influences of the bands they currently listen to. That's how I got into Priest and Maiden, and the delta blues. It's all a cycle. I mean, John Fogerty once got sued by his record label for sounding too much like himself. I think this whole issue is bogus, and that people should not get so touchy about it. It's just music and they're just songs.
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But everytime I head Natasha Bedingfields' song 'These Words', I think of 'Michelle', by the Beatles... is that plagarism?
When I rip off Slayer's stuff and play it at 50 bpm instead of 200 and claim it.

Slayer rip themselves off every album
Youtube covers

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When I rip off Slayer's stuff and play it at 50 bpm instead of 200 and claim it.

rofl yeah I love playing Angel of Death in guitar pro with the x 0.25 tempo button on
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^ Or the bass riff to Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure. "It's not the same, theirs is like "Duh Duh Duh Dada Da Duh, Duh Duh Duh Dada Da Duh.' And mine is 'Duh Duh Duh Dada Da Duh, da-Duh Duh Duh Dada Da Duh.'" (I swear I saw this in an interview a few years back, lol).
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I think it's plagarims when, note for note, bars of music are ripped off.

Edit: ^yeah i saw that too. What a diCk!
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..i thought i heard that (if someone is sueing your work and saying plagarism) the content has to be at least 10% different than the "original"