I'm kinda new to punk. What bands should I listen to?

And please, no telling me to use the search bar.
Use the search bar. There are so many closed threads full of recs like this one.

Johnny thunders, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Dead Kennedys, Subhumans(UK band not canadians) and green day.
I'd add NOFX. And Operation Ivy. Even though they're more ska than punk. Black Flag, The Clash...
It's funny because usually when someone says that Green Day is punk, there's always someone who goes like "Lawl their posuerz", where is that person?
4-Skins, The Exploited, Minor Threat, the obvious ones are Dead Kennedys, Ramones and The Clash.

2 Sided Politics and Clockwork Skinhead are good choices if you download. California Uber Alles, London Calling, Anarchy In The UK. The Punk anthems
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The first two green day albums are amazing... everything after that is sub par.

You should listen to (these are some bands that don't get talked about enough here):

Lefty Loosie
The Retards
Morticia's Lovers
Burnin' Doobage
The Latex Nuns
Max Levine Ensemble
The Holy Mountain
Guyana Punch Line
Digger and the Pussycats
Lost Sounds
The Crypt Kickers/ Counterclockwise

That should give you a sense of the vastness of punk rock and from there you can decide what you like best and delve into something more like that.
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Minor Threat
The Velvet Underground
The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Angelic Upstarts
New York Dolls
The Dead Milkmen
Toy Dolls
Argy Bargy
C0ck Sparrer
The Adicts
The Adverts
Black Flag
Agent Orange

And you could poke around in that bigass list of punk and ska bands. It's stickied.
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the homo stupids
Witches with dicks
50 million
the thermals
the lovekill
The devil is electric

Those are some likeable bands(I stayed away from the hardcore cause noobz cant handle it)
I could name a lot of bands but I would say a couple good ones to start with are Bad Religion and NOFX.
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