hey all, i have a fender lite ash strat and i love it. unfortunatly, it's kinda a one trick poney for me. i can only get a good clean sound out of it and light distortion, and it sounds kinda thing if i do some power chording or anything like that. is their a single coil that will give me some balls to the walls cruch? i was thinking like a hot rail or something.
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find an alnico high output single coil, i think GFS pups have a range of them which are cheap and supposedly good, not sure, but look em up
they make those texas special single coils that are pretty high output, and maby you should get a overdrive pedal to get more distortion, a tube screamer (ts-9, ts-808) maby, or www.guitarfetish.com has a pretty good selection of hotrail style pickups along with tons of others.
the dimarzio fast track 2 is a good pickup IMO (i have one), its pretty high output for a single coil, higher output than medium humbuckers, but the bareknuckle sinner looks great
I hear the EMG SA is reasonably priced, gets great cleans, and can OD well. Check it out. Those bareknuckles are probably nice but way overly priced.
Perhaps a Swineshead Pyro?
Dimarzio Chopper?
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