Poll: What Bridge is Easier to PM On?
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11 33%
22 67%
Voters: 33.
Hey guys lol, i just learned how to palm mute XD and i find it easier to PM on a tremelo bridge rather than a stoptail/string-thru, just wanted to take a little poll to ask which ones easier for you guys. chow.
for me it's easier on my paul, but it is set up better than my strat copy.
the lesser known of the 4
Depends on what kind of sound you want. A full mute with a little chug on it or a slight vibration in bassier strings. I don't really care although I play mostly stoptails/tailpiece guitars.
neither i can poth palm mute on both so why bother caring which one is easier/better to plam mute on
I palm mute better on guitars with tremolos, mostly because thats really all that I play.
what kind of trem? a strat one? if thats so, then no, i cant palm mute for **** on one of those.
i can palm mute excellently on a floyd rose, and on a les paul
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PM on floyds are nice and easy.
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