Well last night I had quite an unfourtanate accident with my Les Paul. I should have had it in its case but I was lazy and threw it in a gig bag instead. I was opening my front door and apparantly I hadn't zipped the bag all the way up and my guitar came crashing down from about 4 feet up right on its strap peg. Not only was the strap peg destroyed (which is fine means I can justify buying strap locks for it now) but the finish was really messed up on the front.

Here are pics

So what would you guys suggest? Is there a way to easily fix the damaged area or should I just go full repaint (which im fully ok with cause I had a small chip on the back side too).
shes not too bad. a custom piant job would be pretty sweet though.

so i say if youve got the money, custom job. if not, no biggey
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I say leave it. the scratches can be like battle scars.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Come on man! Guitars look best when they're beat up loads. Look at SRV's Number One, for the blatant example, or Rory Gallagher's ex-sunburst guitar, or John Frusciante's range of scratched and chipped Strats. They look cool and you know it!
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Yeah worse comes to worse I can live with the scratches, but this does leave oppurtunities to play with the color scheme some. The binding is damaged though and the scratches are chips that go all the way to the wood.
I would say paint it, but I would be scared to death of painted a les paul....
Dude, that is tiny. Don't bother, stop being so anal retentive and live with it...

However, if you really want to fix it, it looks like most of the dent is the binding, just cut out the binding in that spot and glue in some new, then rub a little bit if red dye into the exposed wood, and drop fill the rest, sand and buff.
No need for a full refinish.
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Yeah man as the day has gone on I've come to terms with it, was just having trouble dealing with that first big injury to a guitar (I had kept my Ibanez flawless for 3 years, so this was a big kick in the stomach so to speak).
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