im pretty new to the guitar world...I have a Yamaha acoustic (dont ask what model...I have no idea. it cost about $300.) I want to buy an electric preferably $200 at most. any suggestions?
for beginner guitars your always gonna get the same thing, cheap ass fenders or squires with the occasional jackson or epiphone. for that price range thats all you can really get, unless u wanna get a cheap bc rich, or a used schecter if you can find one. but it all really depends on your playing style.
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what music do you want to play

for an amp get a cube (metal) or a vox (most anything else..)..everyone will say that

go for a guitar around 200$, let us know what style you like to play and we can go from there..

so there you have about 330 + cables and crap =360$ ish....go for something like that, i started out with the ibanez pack, love the guitar, but everything else in the pack is crap

unless you have an amp already...
I would abstain from buying any starter packs for the fact that the amp is usually crap...definitely buy 'em separate.

What do you want to play??? It'd be a lot easier to pinpoint from there.
occasionally u might catch a good deal on a guitar at ure local shop, like once i saw this nice jackson that mustve been listed for about 500 it was on sale for 250 didnt have bad pickups and the floyd rose was actually pretty good... surprised me...
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Yamaha Pacifica/ Ibanez GRX40 (obtained from the starter pack). The new 2006 Ibanez starter pack now carries a 15W as opposing to their older 10W. Its OK but its not that great. Rather than sQueers, i'd suggest you get these instead.
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ibanez gax70 or 75...pretty good guitars or just the fender squier pack