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Save the hassle and get a new guitar at the expense of cash
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Save the cash, refurbish it, and hope that nothing else happens to it
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ok, i got a lower-end schecter, and omen6, and even though havent had it for even a year yet, its already a peice of crap. one of my knobs is getting real loose, for some reason my 5th string always breaks no matter what kind of strings i put on, i got a nice sized chip of paint on the back of the bottom, and the main problem is that my cable port is pretty much been to hell and back. now i bought this guitar brand new for about 300 bucks, which was good for my first guitar, but i would really like to get a new guitar. i had my eyes on the hellraiser, nice pickups, nice paintjob, just all over nice. but i dont know whether i should refurbish and fix up the one i have, then just try to put some emgs in it, or if i should just sell the sucker for 75 bucks and get a new one. i dont care about the body work on the chip, but the cable port really needs to be fixed; i would fix it myself but i have no idea how to wire everything or even how to get to it. i would rather not deal with the omen any longer, but if i would save a considerable amount of money that way then i might just think about it, but im still looking forward to a new guitar. so what should i do?
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