I'm looking at getting a Roadstar II Rs440. I have heard that the stock pickups aren't too great, so i was thinking about putting a Duncan SH-6 Distortion in the bridge and maybe a Dimarzio HS-3 in the neck. Basically, i would be using the guitar for mostly metal, but i need something versatile. Distortion in the bridge and good cleans and solos in the neck.
Would this be a good setup? suggestions?
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Sounds real good to me. The Roadsters are the Ibanez's version of the flying V, am I right?
Nah, its older model of RG. Made in 1980++. In this case, you have to consider that the neck on those RS440 is painted, do you like it? and yeah, they use Ibanez V5 and super 7 which arent that great.

For pickups, super distortion from dimarzio would be ok since its basswood and DiMarzios sound really good on Basswoods, dont get me wrong but SDs can still kick arse. As for the HS-3, you will get an Yngwie-ish sound, is that what you're looking for?
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Blade V5s like on the XV? Those things scrrrream, I enjoy'd.

However, the double locker on earlier RS isn't the best design out there.

If you want deep and full metal tone out of basswood, I'd go for DiMarzio ToneZone in the bridge - that thing got great low-end without being muddy. The tone's heavy, and the output is enough to easily overdrive even my Classic.

For the bridge singles I'd go for Virtual Vintage Blues or Solo by DM - the sweetest singlecoil lead tone I've heard in a while. Haven't heard HS-3, but I have an HS-2 and I find it clean and sparkly, but not quite solo material.
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