Just threw this together while playing around with Cakewalk, and I thought it was kind of cool, any one else think so? I did everything from scratch, guitars, bass, and the crappy vocals. No drums though (even though I think it would benefit from them.)


Crit for crit
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typing whilst i listen, i really love the rhythm harmony, OH NO DISTORTION ARGH! DESTROYS THE MOOD...sticking with it...ahh there it goes...accurate vocals, you CAN sing which is a positive. redo this element, take away that stupid distortion, make your beautiful clean rhythms louder and pan them left and right, make them sing with your voice. there's an excellent cover in the making here. good job.
really liked the layering of guitars it sounded really nice
but I agree the distorted guitar definitely took away from the song
you have a really good voice and it fit the song well
one thing, it seemed like it was a little too fast, not sure, but maybe
Get rid of that ugly distortion and play with a metronome.

Nice voice .
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Considering every post wasn't feeling the distortion, I did a re-take with clean guitars, I changed up the tone a little bit too and made the bass line sound more like a cello. It's the 2nd one...

I really like the vocals. Dont be so harsh on yourself, you can sing in tune and your tone is quite nice. Just listened to unborn's cover of yellow and based on that i reckon you are a better singer than him!
Love it, great job dude.
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I like the way you arranged this. Its more mellow. When the bass jumps in it starts to sound good. Your voice starts to sound better when you trail upward at the end. Your vocals are a little off, but you seem like you need to just sing and not worry about technique. Your voice will fall into place. You have a very very workable voice. Good Job.