This is an acoustic song for my band.

The Moon Is Winking

As we lay
Not quite sure how to say
That it?s colder than I had hoped
And that silence is far better than words

?Sometimes? you said
It is best
To let something?s rest
Before the night ends them

In so many words
You have said goodbye
In unspoken verbs
You walked away with the same toes
That entered with me that night

And we lay still
It is scary to think
That it is a minute past twelve o?clock
And you blinked at the moon
And I understood

I squeezed your hand
And you fell limp
It is unfortunate and sad
That thing you said without your lips

I nodded to the sky
And you smiled
So try as I might
I could not stop time

Speak softly
And pretend this is so much better
Lay here quietly,
And tell me you will try and remember