According to this tab that I'm using, I am not sure what settings my amp should to get the sound that i should get. also, at this part:

------7-7-7----------|-----------------2^F^p0-| <--- How do you get the ringing here?


Thanks a lot.
I might be wrong but doesn't he play open chords on that part of the song?
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when you play that A note on the G string , you bend it up , then do a release bend and then a pull off to the open G note. I'm doing that with my first finger .

definately all open position chords E5 D5 A5 , also pull off the G to open E on the E string.
so what would the correct tab be like then? would it be this?:


even though it doesn't seem open chord, this is the most popular tab i get when i google this.
those are all major chords.. if you want the rock sound play power chords:

b|       3 3 3
g|       2 2 2    2 2 2
d| 2     0 0 0    2 2 2
a| 2              0 0 0
E| 0             
   E5     D5        A5

a power chord is just a root with its fifth interval. they are neither major nor minor so they can be quite versatile.

as for the little lick, you hit the 2nd fret, bend the note, bring the bend back down, then pull off. practice it slowly
but to answer your original question of amp settings............ put your bass down real low, mid and high up to 10, then add a little overdrive and play as loud as you can. If your playing at bedroom volume turn up the drive a little more.
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