Hey I'm looking at buying a new bass,and I'm thinking of either the fender jazz bass or precision bass.Can any1 tell me which one of these basses is a better all rounder,or suggest any other good basses in the same price range.please help Danz
Fender has at least 3, different price ranges. what is your price range?
as far as which one, that question is hard to answer. the P generally has more bottom-end sound, it has a thick neck, wide string spacing, and can cover punk, rock, classic rock, and metal, quite well. the J has 2 p-ups, a better balanced body, narrow neck, and closer string spacing. the 2 p-ups allow you more choices of sounds. it can cover any style of music, and if you're gonna slap, definitley the Jazz. the choice is up to you, but they are both, worth owning.