was stringing up my guitar when i ran into a few problems trying to load up.

what is the best way to string up a guitar? is there a place that tells or shows how to string up? and when i attempted to string up the string was so close to the fret board that it made a bunch of twaning sounds. what can i do to fix this problem. im using elixir light strings on a start up fender strat squire electric guitar. thanks
sounds like u have a problem with the truss rod, might need to take it to a shop, or if u knew how just use an allen wrench, truss rod is probably too tight
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That is awful advice. You have no idea what it is. You could potentially mess his neck up badly.

It could be the action. If you are having these problems with just stringing it, you might want to take it to a professional and ask questions, or find a site and figure it out.

Post some pictures. We might be able to help.
I imagine it could be a problem with your truss rod, or your bridge.

If you have one of those adjustable bridges (sorry, the name slips my mind) then it might be set too low, or, your truss rod may be too tight. But I'd reccomend against f*cking with your truss rod, it could mess up your neck badly.

I'd bring it in to a shop if I were you.
if the guitar had heavier gauge strings on previously then it needs to be reset to handle lighter strings. The bridge probably needs to be raised to sort it.