Hi guys, I recently got a copy of guitar rig 2(without the pedal) and amplitube software. Thus, I am connecting my guitar directly to the mic in socket in my computer using a jack adapto so that the guitar cable would fit.

The thing is I have downloaded Asio, Ive tried teaking every single possible thing i can in asio and my audio driver settings. Everytime i try to turn on effects(distort, gain, etc) in these softwares I always start to have background noises (sharp buzzing noise, like an old radio trying to get signal, or a mic being held near to the speakers) but whenever i play a clean sound (i.e. distortion is off etc) these noises fade away.

Another problem I have is delay, the smallest i can get with my current rig is 7ms. I have an on board sound card(built in to the motherboard), but i have a strong PC.

Is there something I can do to stop the noises??? and minimise the delay even further??? Such as buying a pre amp, or a new sound card?

The options im planning to take are (for recording and stuff):
Buy m audio black box and connect it to the PC and also buy a new set of monitor speakers(because amps wouldnt work well with this thing i suppose)


Buy a new sound card (and possibly a guitar interface - do i really need one if i get a good sound card?) no more need to buy monitors because my current surround would do the job well.

I'd try just plugging it in to the line-in instead of the mic. Most mic pre's on consumer sound cards are very noisy.
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my line in doesnt work... it just grumbles, i can even hear the guitar anymore.
Guys can you recommend me a good sound card to specifically minimize the delay and of course be ASIO native. This should solve all my problems i think. Any ideas out there?