just got this emailed to me:

"Smile Empty Soul is back!

Check out their MYSPACE page to hear two brand new songs from their upcoming CD 'Vultures' being released on October 24th.

The first single will be 'The Hit' so start requesting it at radio now! Keep checking back for new videos, tour dates and much, much more!"

i know not many people are SES fans, but i love them and i personally cant wait.
Oh yeah I haven't heard about these guys in a long time. That is pretty fukin awsome. Looking forward to the new CD.
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Yes. This band kicks ass. Too bad about their last album not being able to be sold in stores. It was a good album. The two new tracks are totally killer. Can't wait for the new album.
i was into them 2 years ago, but im really disappointed with these new songs.
^stfu. I like their new songs. I especially like the song "Jesus is the manager at Wal-Mart". I'm surprised that they are not putting any songs from Anxiety on their new album. Since it didn't get released, i thought they mightve put a couple of their previous tracks remasterd on it.
Cool I guess...

They were alright back in the day
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Yeah, their old stuff was like amazing, but you have to admit, their is a real improvement in the lead singer's voice. It souds like he has taken vocal lessons or something.
Smile Empty Soul was their best cd, Anxiety Didn't get released
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what do you mean anxiety didn't get released???? i have the damn cd!!!
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Duno, someting with having arguments with the record company or something. The ysold it at their concerts and it is so easy to download.