If your left handed, you know can relate to my troubles.

Yes, many companies offer left-handed versions of their guitars. However, I'm looking for a 12 string.. and have come across mixed results.

Theres a few diffrent Tanglewood models, but I dont know the quality of these guitars, and considering they only sell from the UK.. most likely would not have a chance to try one out.

My price range is limited, preferabley in the $500 range.

Give me any info you have.. it will be very appriciated.
I tune low, use heavy strings, and floor it. Floor it... thats techincal talk.

I'm just here to play. So please, if you have something deragatory to post about me, I have a map directing you on where you can go.
Not being anywhere near the UK... I can't really say much except from wht little I've read about them... as they're not sold here in the U.S.

Every reveiw I can find on them say they're decent quality "mid-level" guitars. Try before you buy though.