so i heard this band you know its single a few weeks ago and im like hm they sound cool, but their cd came out today and there isn't a review have any of yall bought the album or heard other tracks what do you think???????????????????????????????
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You know who's in the band, right? 3/4's of Janes Addiction. It better be good.
I wanted to like it so bad but i just couldn't. I tried my best to not compare it to Jane's addiction but it's almost all the guys. It wasn't that it was a bad record, it just was kind of boring to me.
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The band is awesome. Got two of their songs so far. Planning to buy album when it comes out in Australia. It has : Dave Navarro ( Lead Guitar ) Steve Isaacs ( Guitar/Vocals ) Steven Perkins ( Drums ) and Chris Chaney ( Bass ).
Panic Channel has nothing on Jane's Addiction. I just cant bring myself to forget that the guy playing guitar is the same guy who did Ritual De Lo Habitual.
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