I have a thread already about my new amp and guitar but I want to run this by you guys first.
My current guitar is a $300 monterey strat copy. It has a maple neck with an alder body. The neck seems to be fine. No fret buzz and reasonably smooth. I have replaced the pickups to a hss formation with pups i got from a mate. They are DiMarzio tonezone in bridge, vintage 2.1, in middle, virtual neck in neck. They are all dimarzio and were aonly a couple of months old when i got them. The problems i have is that the bridge saddle screws are stripping and it keeps ****ing up my action. Also there is a problem with the selector switch. It was a lot larger than the old one so i think it may be touching the wall of the guitar, which in turn is giving a scrath noise when i swap pups, and occasionally the sound fades right away. Should i take this to someone and see if it can be improved and not get a new one, or should i just buy a new guitar and have this as a spare. I want to basically know wether if i got say a marshall tsl602 or something like that would my strat copy soud good through it, or am i better of just getting the new one??????
a new bridge, and paying somebody to fix the wiring would be much cheaper than a new guitar.

however, if you have the funding, it's always good to have a backup.
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Yeah I know it would be cheaper. Im just not sure wether i can get away with just using this guitar. I can get the new guitar and amp no worries, but is it worth ****ing around with such a cheap guitar. I mean, I priced to get it fixed, and they said with a new bridge, plus the strings, plus the setting of the action, then the labour and whatever is wrong with the switch, it would be $200-250. So technically this is another 250 i could put to the amp or guitar and then fix the old one later. Plus 200-250 is almost mor than the price i payed for it.
New bridge, strings, set action, fix switch for $200? Shop around, the cost shouldn't be more than 40 bucks, and that is being generous. Music stores in my area will set action and change strings for free when other maintenance is done. The switch could be a pain for the luthier, but still that is not a lot of work for that price. If you can solder, look on the web or in a bookstore for info on fixing it yourself.
Just saw your other post; I guess competition amongst music stores is nonexistent compared to my area.
Yeah theres only two places i know of. The bridge that i looked at was 70 by itself, then a new switch if it's ****ed, plus strings, but i think it needs to be routed a bit more for the swich to fit properly. Plus it's aus dollars im talking about if you were not sure.
Yeah I got the currency thing but not your location. Im on the other side of the world, large city east coast united states; here you can drive 5 minutes and find another store. Still, ask one of the carpenters building your house if they have a tap and die set to fix the stripped holes on the bridge. No way I would pay more than somethings worth to fix it, ever, unless it has some special sentimental value. Maybe a vintage martin or gibson that could escalate in value drastically, but never a cheap knock off. I would fix it myself; screw up and lose nothing, just put the money toward a new guitar. Succeed at fixing it and you still have the money.