i have been thinking a lot, well lets just say not that much work, but i have been noticing how the good, eighties rock died shortly as the ninetys came and so did all of any good ideas for songs out on the airwaves, other than IRON MAIDEN, who still remain strong. it seems that all self esteem in any of the rock music have dropped dramatically and rock is wilting away. the eighties brought happiness with kick arse riffs that remain strong to this day. now i know that everything to be discovered on guitar is all thought up already. so this got me thinking, I'M GONNA BRING BACK THE EIGHTIES!!! these are desperate times for rock. now, WHOSE WITH ME?!?!?!
yeah tell that to all the fags in FOB and all those other emo bands, im not talkin genocide, im talkin EMO-cide
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a bit of the 90's werent bad
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It's not that the self-esteem dropped as much as the big egos did. There's plenty of good music out there now, it's just that most of it isn't not as in-your-face and bombastic as 80's bands were. Now, if you like in-your-face, bombastic music, that's fine, but not everyone esle does. If you try to bring back the eightees, you wind up like The Darkness. Ewww...
oh man the 80s were awfull...even clapton sucked in the 80s.i agree that rock now is not so good... but man cmon, the 80s?
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