Needs title, not done, crit for crit.

This is a song I have been working on recently.

Tell me what you think, this is just 2 of the verses and a bridge chorus end thing. (the first one is the first verse, second one comes after it, but not necessarily second, and the last part comes at the end of the song.)

Storm clouds gathered from east and west
the thunder rose with the tide
In a hollowed out ditch buried deep underground
The wolf and his pack did reside

The wolf was in panic, his heart was racing
Then he paused, and took a long, deep breath
He knew in his soul, it couldnt be hidden
This storm would lead to his death

And the rain gave way
and the clouds parted
and all was well for a while
All fear was lost
Children were laughing
The world could finally smile

Crit for crit

Also, whoever can discover what it means gets a special e-cookie.
I think it's okay. But it seems too direct though. Like the imagery didn't fit properly. I'd give it a 5/10.

As for what it means: *shrugs* Osama bin Laden?
Not bad lyrics, seem a little weird to me, though. Guess I need to hear them with music. And more of the lyrics, too. Oh well. As for titles, what about "Wolf of the Storm?" Sorry if the idea sucks, but it's an idea