When fingerpicking, I know that your thumb is used to strike the bass strings and your first, second, and third finger to strike the bottom three strings. But in a piece like this:

Would it not be better to move all fingers up one string? It feels unnecessarily complicated to string skip like that using only the thumb. I would like to learn the correct way and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
well that is pretty easy, though i have a lot of experience with fingerpicking. the only part i may see that you have a problem with is the last part, which can be done easily. im going to start from this (20010) you have to strike the 3 and the 2 with you thumb and the 0 with your index finger and then for the 1&0 at the same time use your ring and pinky finger. its not that hard if you do it for a while
I can fingerpick pretty good, not anything amazing but i dont do it the correct way, and i use my pinky if i need to. Seems much more effecient if you can use all your right hand fingers, I'd say play it any way you can, if you want to get better at the proper way then do it the proper way.
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Use of fingers is relative and for convenience. You don't HAVE to use ONLY your thumb on the bottom (E, A, D) 3 strings. If it's a fast sequence, like your first three notes there, it's perfectly acceptable to play the bottom (0) with your thumb and the higher (2) with any finger (probably the index). Once the lowest note is lower, shift your thumb and fingers appropriately. You play fingerpicked parts as easily as you can arrange them for yourself, and usually there aren't any rules to follow. No point in making it harder on yourself unless the notation strictly tells you to use a certain finger at a certain time---otherwise just pick what's easiest. I think this answer was obvious, you just needed someone to tell you.

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