I need a bit of help deciding on a great amp that has nice features and effects and can hold up great under high pressure of volume, because I have tried a couple of amps like a marshall MG and once it was over 5 on volume it sounded like crap. So if you guys could suggest some good combo amps for metal like slayer,metallica, pantera..yeh all that usual stuff. I've looked at line 6 but yeh so many people advising against them so I shall stay away from those spider IIs..help
With the AT-100 from B-52, that's all tube. The LG-100 is Solid state for a hundred less.

Ashdown sounds like a good match for you. $699 for their Fallen Angel 40 DSP combo, all tube.
Nahhh. Those are in excess of a grand man.

EDIT: Used, maybe.

JCM800/900 might go for about that used also. Check eBay.
MG sounds like crap over 5 because it's a solid state amp. Look into tube amps - they sound better as you turn them up.