Hey guys I've recently decided to sell my decently maintained Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I believe I picked it up for about $250 at the store(There was a sale I believe). I haven't made any modifications to it, it's the same as it was when I bought it.
I was thinking of selling it on E-Bay but I want to get a feel for what its value is.
It has a few minor scuffs and is otherwise in pretty okay condition.

Anyone have any ideas for how much it would sell for? Thanks in advance.
If it's eBay, put the reserve around $200, possibly $180. It also depends on how long you've had it. Just a few months, you can probably sell it for around original price, but if it's a few years old, don't even try it.
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NEVER use a reserve. Reserves are just annoying and discourage bidding.
Start the auction at the lowest price you wanna sell for, it's as simple as that.
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