can sumone teach me how to alternative pick and alternative pick while palm muting (like power chord palm mute picking)? i cant really get it

sum examples of songs i wanna do is venice queen by rhcp and scar tissue
Like with most things with the guitar it just takes practice. What got me finally alternate picking was trying to play Master of Puppets in my guitar class with nothing but downstrokes. I think my right arm could've exploded. Just play the song at about half speed, but make sure your technique is right, then once you get better at it speed it up to regular speed and see how it feels.
Yea, I couldn't do it for the longest time but then one day it just clicked for me. It's completely natural now, I do it without thinking.
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like i dont know when to upstroke or downstroke...and since i teach myself i cant really go to anyone for guidence
when your playing on the same string always alternate pick. But if your going to another string start of with whatever is close. So like lets say...just for simplicity...

You where to play the third fret of the low E string first. You would downstroke that, and then the third fret of the D string, that would also be a downstroke because its the side closet to your pick.

Also works with chords and stuff too, you just have to be creative and think, whats the best, fastest and most efficient way to hit this note/chord/string/ whats your trying to do