I'm running a Studio Projects C1 condenser mic through a firebox on Cubase. Most of my songs involve fingerpicked arpeggios and I'm fairly new to recording. I can't get any of my fingerpicking sounding right on record. It seems I've tried all mic placements and I've been screwing with the EQ but my bass notes are out of control, drowning everything out. And if I manage to tame them with the EQ I end up just making the whole track very quiet and unusable.

Any tips would be fantastic.

EDIT: typo
I put my wide range sensitive condenser mic about 6 inches away pointing between the soundhole and the bridge, and then I point a Shure SM57 right at the soundhole.
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Good call with pointing the mic up and placing it beneath the guitar. Got some nice sounding results. Thanks a lot, guys.