yea, so this is the second time ive posted up a random song on here.. my other one was titled "Matches" and it wasnt half bad, good reviews at least. so this is a song that i just made up. i hav no ideo wat im about to write but here it goes...

"Eleven Years Ago"

i do, i do,
none of this was for you,
thoughts for me,
nothing more then two

oh no, oh no,
four makes joe
i never thought it'd come to this
take this life and row!

beating hearts,
tremendous troubles,
making the kids
suffer double

i never thought,
id never thought i'd see the day

like putting life
all in on a bet
makes the living's
hands shake and sweat

i never thought
id never thought i'd see the day

eleven years ago

verse 2:
secrets, secrets,
you just can't keep it,
whyd u wanna tell?
burning down the house you lit

smoking, smoking,
and soon to be choking,
something u didnt light
too tired to eat but not to die!

i do,
love you,
just give me a minute for another smoke

i do,
everything for you,
just give me some cents for another dope

oh no! oh no!

eleven years ago,
something id never know,
back when it was ok to grow,
but now i kno.

and i need to grow
stronger then

chorus x2

ta-da.. ok, enjoi.
it takes randomness to be <i> cool <i>, kind of like tourettes on speed

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