how do you take out pickups on a les paul?
if you loosen all the strings/take them all off, doesnt it warp the set neck?
im not technically removing my pickups, but the pickup rings and replacing them with black ones.
and it is EXTREMELY hard to screw the pickup back in and align the springs with it and **** with the strings in the way.
help/answers? thanks
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No, i'm pretty sure it will be fine if you take all the strings off. ive done it to my SG many times and it hasnt warped or anything.
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really? because my teacher says that when you restring if you take them all off it warps it because the truss rod forces extra tension when it doesnt need any tension
and ive heard people wondering how they are supposed to clean the neck without removing the strings....
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If you left the strings off for a certain period of time I imagine the neck would warp, but it really shouldn't be a problem if you're just doing a quick mod.
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I was actually into guitar building a while back...although it was more a curiosity then anything I actually ever did.

But basically it said when building a neck, you set the truss rod to bow the neck a little, so when you place the strings, the tension on the springs, cancels the tension in the truss rod to make it flat and straight.

So like invisible said, if you leave the strings off, the tension already in the neck from the truss rod will warp the next over time, but not if you just needed to do some work on the pickups and then restring it. I dont think there will be a problem
Just remember to put the bridge in cloth on your guitar, or just to the side, so your strings dont bend akwardly and your finish doesnt get raped.