Ok. I've been wondering do think if some artist were not super famous that they would still write great song/music. (example. Led Zepp. Hendrix..etc....)

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well...if i became famous with what i can do now...it would sure as hell motivate me to do 10 times better
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You get better at song writing the longer you write. So i guess it depends on long you write music, if some bands did not write good music at first they would sureley get better. And if you enjoy playing the music you make and other people like it to all the better, so yes they would still write good music in my opinion.
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yes, because now you are gettin paid to do what you love, so now you can do it more, plus you have better gear
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I don't think fame exactly makes you better.

More like, it defines you. How you take your fame, in stride, or gobble it all up and live in the limelight. The ones that get a big head about themselves are usually the ones that end up making horrible music in the end, while others take their fame as exactly what the wanted in life and run with it, making better albums, and playing to bigger crowds.
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for the most part, i would actually say yeah. interesting topic. of course it'll be balanced out by people who put out fluff because they feel they need to, but overall i think that for several reasons overall you get better. firstly and most importantly, music can now unquestionably be your job. you can focus on it without reprocussions that you may have had before. secondly, i think some great artists will rise to the occasion being the pressure of putting out music when you are already well known. once you can live music, i think it can only have a positive affect on your product, unless you make a conscious decision to do something stupid like i mention above.
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When your famous, and you make money off of music, you can spend all day making music because its your career. So you get better because you dont need a job, And have all that free time.
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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I think it would. But with fame can also come drug and alcohol abuse. Now im not gonna get into a legalization debate or whatever. But look at what happens to some of these bands. GNR. A lot of their completely drunken shows were ****e. And most people don't really want to see ten minutes of a show and then see slash pass out....... still love slash though. But ya, skill wise you may improve, other than the fact that you could let it go to your head and stop caring, but i think a lot comes with the fame that could bring you down. I like the topic though.
the title and your question are completly different
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I agree with those whose answers amounted to the fact that it is not the fame, but working on your music full time, that makes you better. I have played with and met many famous musicians, some I showed a thing or two, some completely blew me away.

In the world of work, 5 years on a full time job is a good baseline criteria for considereing one an expert. So, if you you are working full time in music for 5 years or so (just rough estimate), then whether or not you are famous, you definitely should be better than someone who does this as a hobby.

One thing at work is focus. not only do "famous" musicians work every day (most every day) at their craft, they are narrowly focused on their particular aspect of the craft. I have known guys who play their bands music myuch better than anyone else could, yet are completely lost on other aspects of the art. But, they are making their money, so who cares.

I am no respector of fame or fortune. If I met Yngwie in a bar I might buy him a drink, tell him how i spent a few months leaning every note of the Rising Force album, and then ask him why he stagnated so long.... never developed his craft afterwards.... I actually had this conversation with him, which is what lead to the low opinion of him that I currently have.

There areguys I know who never got famous, who may never, who have graduated from some really good jazz programs at universities. One of them is in one of my bands. Some of these jazz guys are just so good. I mean insane, very well rounded. the guy in my band owns a studio, teaches for a living, and can play anything he hears pretty much instantly. Playing with him is a blast and he is every bit as good as or better than most "famous" guitar players I know, and he is only 27.
Well, this is where you ask yourself why someone picked up an instrument in the first place...

Was it to make money or make music?

Any band, whether famous or not, who loved writing and playing music would more than likely create great music either way.

Non-famous bands would look to get famous, and may possibly, in this state, write better songs than when they get famous.

Sadly, some bands aren't able to really write and play what they want, and what they can and can't play is decided by their record company.