ther sustainer system leaves you with no neck pup. if youre ok with that, then go ahead.
the sustaining clip thing sounds like agimmigck more than anything--theres a hundred different ways to add mass to a guitar, more than likely it wont help sustain. never heard of ebanol or plastic resin.

o/t but how do you like your johnson amp? maybe jsut pm me if you dont wanna clutter your thread or something.
I love my amp!
I use the Brown sound and hotroded marshall settings the most.
loud as sh8t when an extra cab is added makeing it a 3/4 stack. Its comes with celesties.
At first I thought It was a gimicky combo, but all the settings and options work suprisingly well. Its nice to be able to split the amp mods and effects through the stereo outputs. got it used for $600 a couple years ago.
Im going to get the 250 when I find a good deal on one.
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