one of my friends has a crybaby, and i dont like it at all.
so i did some internet research, and came up with these two wahs that have a good rep--which do you reccomend for the most versatile and classic wah sound? im looking for everything from 'rainy day, dream away' and 'white room' to 'love thing' and 'tender surrender'(not that i can play this one).

1. budda budwah, like the purple and association with a fat happy man
2. vox clyde mccoy v848

should i just buy the budwah cause everyone and their moms got a vox?

edit: on second thought, you guys probably get a question like this every other thread, so heres my secondary question: whats your favourite song with wah in it?
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i don't know about the wah's i have a crybaby.. i don't use it a **** load anymore because i can see why a lot of people don't like them...

as for favorite song with wah... Tales Of Brave Ulysses - Cream but recently Bulls on parade by Rage against the machine keeps getting stuck in my head.. it has one cool riff with wah