If anyone knows about all that Head and cab matching stuff please help me.

Ok.....So i have 2 Plug-ins on my Marshall head and 2 Plug-Ins on my cab.
I was wondering if i were to Plug 2 cables going from my head to my cab then would there be any difference in my sound or loudness?

I just dont want to try it and then having my head and cab explode or burn out on me.

By the way when i say plug-ins im talking about those input/outputs.
One lead to a cabinet only--------and make sure that the impedence of the cab and the impedence of the head match. (some Marshalls have a selector switch)
^Yeah. chances are your head has 2 outputs while your cab has 1 input and 1 output (unless your cab has 2 inputs, each for a different ohm resistance.) Do NOT plug two cables from the head to the same cab - not safe. The 2 outputs on the head are so you can hook up two cabinets simaltaneously.
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