Does anyone know of any practice guids on the web that really help with getting your speed down for soloing? I'm just looking for a really good lesson. No flamin, im just looking for some help.
i don't know about lessons, but i would suggest doing chromatic scale on 1st fret


practice that untill you can do it very fast, and do variations

some people prolly have better ideas, just what i do
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Quote by cho1
^^ from mick thompson video..

lol Mick Thomson didn't invent this exercise, it's been around for many a year.
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Quote by cho1
^^ from mick thompson video..

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Get the "Metal Lead Guitar" book by Troy Stetina - its great.

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Ive heard that John Petrucci's Rock Discipline is supposed to be very good...and hes fast...
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Troy Stetina is teh pwn. I use his Speed For Lead book, and I'm looking to get the rest of his Lead Guitar series too.