im looking for a good looking guitar that i can get new or used for 400 american. im looking for something with a thin and not painted maple neck (doesnt matter if its a bolt on) and tuneomatic bridge, hardtail or soemthing. No trem. Good set of pick ups, or soemthing that will let me have enough money left over for a good set.. Im playing with EMGS right now and would like to stay with them. No Jackson RR guitars.. I love V's though. And i dont like les pauls/ signature guitars.

<<<<<!NO ALIGIE GUITARS!>>>>>>
I know i have it narrowed down alot but im looking for some opinions.

EDIT: teeeh music i play = metal
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I dont have any music shops around here so i cant try any guitars. no trem and thin neck and humbucker at the bridge is what im looking for
ummm i can't help you probably but i know someone's gonna ask you this so here goes: what kinda stuff do you play?
IMHO I think you should go with one of the last 2 because they are neck thru's. One is Mahogony and the other is Basswood.

Woops, the last 2 are out of you're price range. But I suggest saving up the extra $150 for the RGT42DXFX
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