So I've had this problem at least twice now. First off, I have had my dsl100 unplugged for at least 24 hours, and it has been in a tote bag since then. It hasn't been played for at least 2 weeks. Anyways, when I moved them upstairs, either one or the other was emitting a burning smell after about an hour or so. My parents could smell it from a room away, so it wasn't just faint. This has happened to me before with another tube head, and I was wondering if this is normal, and how in the world is it happening?

Thanks from a very confused individual.
Its a ghost dude. Thats the only logical explination.

Hes right, unless you leave your stuff by open flames or an extreamly hot room or somewhere where the sunshines on it for long periods of time. Butttttt Ghosts is probably right. If you put it in a bag maybe its like the greenhouse effect, heat gets in but not out
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