Hey all, was plannin on goin for a washburn rs980... if n e 1 has used it so far ,reviews please.... n most importantly how good r the pick ups?...ths....cheers.
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
I have on of those... Nifty guitar, I use it together with a Cube 60 and a Jimi Hendrix experience pedal. The coil tap is quite usefull, it allows you to 'convert' the top and bottom humbuckers into single coils, so it allows quite a bit of variety soundwise. The pickups are quite well balanced, and allows you to get a nice range of sounds, even though the guitar was initially marketed as a metal guitar (RS - Rogue Star).

The reversed headstock is quite eye catching, and some people even think it's a left handed guitar at first glance. I've had it for just under a year now, and it hasn't given me any hassles, the only issue I've had so far was fret buzz on the top E due to a crappy set up (I changed from 11s to a hybrid and the guy doing the setup didn't do his job properly), but that was quickly corrected.

I love the trem, and somehow (it could be blind luck) it seems to stay in tune forever. If mine got nicked or my kid stepped on it I would try and find another one just like it...

Hope that helps!