i ned some help on my tapping technique, i know how to tap, i use my middle finger to tap , but im findin it hard to play this fast lick from "Valley of the damned" by dragonforce ( \m/ )

-------------------------------------------------------------- repeat a various amount of times.

the note on the 20th fret is the tapped note.
the problem is i cant tap the note and get to the picking of the rest of the lick very fast? any advice on how to improve the technique? and what fingers should i use?

( hope i made this clear :S )
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I suggest first getting down your sweeping skill, then practice the tapping skill (or the other way around, of course), and when they're both up to par try the sweep-tapping.
It's one of the hardest things to do, in my book...
Sweep picking involves tapping notes out of reach sometimes. It takes a lot of practice, but just try to keep your hand close to the fretboard in possible. You'll get faster. Sweeping is the most important part of it, though. If you can sweep well, then you'll nail it.
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