I've had my guitar 7-8 months now (got it in mid Jan). I know i need to replace my strings because they're starting to sound a little bit scratchy and dodgy. What i'm wondering is as it's my guitars first string change bshould i get a proper set up from a shop. I need the action lowered a bit aswell so now would be a good time to get it done (even though i know it's easy to do my self).

1) how much should a complete set up cost?
2)What would that include?
3) how long would it take (could i collect my guitar on the same day?)
4) would they allow me to watch so i knew what to do next time?
5) is there anything which they would do which i couldn't?
6) is it worth the money as it's my first string change?

Sorry i'm sure this has been done before but when i searched the first result was the "ultimate wallpaper thread" and it didn't give me any useful results
acoustiic or electric??
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Sorry forgot to say


Yamaha pacifica 112

Strat style with a very rubbish vintage style trem bridge an SSH setup if that helps
Yes, a set up is worth it, it assures that your guitar is set the way that YOU like it, with proper intonation/relief. Then as long as you don't make any big change in string gauge, or have any accidents with your guitar, you won't have to do it for a long time. As far as the cost----call your guitar shop and go over everything with them. Most shops will not let you hang out and "watch and learn", but It won't hurt to ask.
Just for a rough cost estomate then because i have a local music shop but it's notoriously expensive

what should i be looking at price wise £20-30 £40-50? (including strings)
well, strings over in aus cost about $15 . so im not sure how much in the UK.... u would probably have to pay extra if u wanted a shop to do it, so i advise u to try it out yourself. choose ernie ball power slinkys... well thats wat i choose and they work fine..

as ur guitar is a strat styled one, restringing should be fairly easy.. just stick the strings throught the back of the body e.t.c umm i dunno, if u wanted to get it done at a shop it shouldnt take more than a day.
when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace - jimi hendrix
when i had my les paul set up it cost $40(US) and the guy let me stay and watch. it took like 15-20 minutes. i mean i could change strings and action fine but i went and got it set up because i didnt want to fool around with the truss rod at that point in my playing experience. they do a very nice job. my guitar has been so much better since i had that done.
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Strings In The Uk Cost About £6

A Full Setup would Cost 15 est

not even that if your lucky

What part of cambridge you at?
North side of cambridge - histon to be exact

i'm guessing your from around here as you ask
Definitely get it set up and only let the luthier touch the truss rod if it needs adjusting. There is a standard tolerance measurement at the middle of the fret board that affects whether the truss rod needs to be turned to straighten out the neck. Also, the saddles will probably be adjusted both height wise and length wise (forward or backward on the bridge) to get the intonation right. Ask the luthier if all the fret heights are consistent too. On my Korean strat knock off, the frets above the 12th fret are taller than the frets below the 12th fret and they give off a tinny sound, so I need what's called leveling and crowning of the taller frets. That means the luthier somehow rubs down the fret height and then reshapes the frets to match the others and make them all consistent and remove the tinny sound. Leveling and crowning should be cheaper than replaceing frets, if any fret work is recommended by your luthier. Finally, in the past, I have let my strings go as long as you do before changing them, but your luthier will probably recommend changing them every 2-3 months or even sooner. Some people don't like to go more than a month on the same strings. With a good setup you will probably notice improvement in the tones you get. If you want to try a different string weight, now is the time to do that too. For instance, I went from Regular Slinky Ernie Balls to Heavy Bottom Slinkys (from 10-46 to 10-52). If I had done that without the setup (during which I also changed out my cheapo tuning pegs for Grover minis), the neck would have bent even more than it was before the setup. My truss rod needed a almost a full quarter turn to straighten the neck and to get the tolerance right. Now my knock off strat is bursting with tone. If you think your trem bridge is rubbish, get an estimate on changing it out. You probably won't regret changing it. Good luck.
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