hey all, no this isnt about porn.

its about recording, my band is goin 2 b hitting a local studio 2 record a 5 track EP, but i hav a problem that i cant play my guitar parts correct when the machines are recording, even though i can nail them every time we practice. i do recording at college so i hav had alot of experience of being recorded and i always **** up. i know its just nerves and i know that other musicians hav this problem but does any1 hav any tips about how 2 get over this.

I just realised that its not a big deal...so what if you mess up, you just do it again, you'll get another chance, I do the same thing with live shows, how gives a flying f*** if I screw up, there'll be another show...Now I know that's not a good habbit to have because if you mess up enough then your in deep s*** but, it helps the nerves...
try not to worry about it, or have a shot of tequila or somethin like that

but just one shot, dont go and get ****faced before you record
Try to stop sucking...

Nah just kidding, just chill and remember that you can always do another take, don't get frustrated.
record everthing you play, like every time you practice plug in to a recorder (if you have one) and hit the red button and play whatever you want, this should get you used to the idea, and it will also improve your playin because when you listen back to it you will be able to hear you weak areas in your playin and you will be able to improve on those areas