Hey my guitar gets a buzzing noise when playing thru an amp (of course). if you are touching the metal on the lead or any metal on the guitar then the buzzing stops. if i turn the volume on the guitar down, then there is no buzzing at all. i originally thought this was an earthing problem but now there is ALSO a hum behind the buzz, even if i am touching the metal on the guitar/lead/amp's footswitch. so does this mean that the buzz is earthing problems and the hum is something else? the hum only goes away when i turn my guitar's volume output down, and like the buzz, it is mostly present when using the distortion channels on my amp. any help would be greatly appreciated as i do not know a whole lot about this problem or how to fix it.

Well, I'm not an electritian, so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but here goes...
The reason it get worse with the distortion is because the gain basicly amplifies that grungy, buzzy sound. And the hum in the background could be from a floresent(Sp?) light near by or it could be something else of that nature...and I'm not shure about the earthing problem, I have the same thing on my mockingbird, but not on my destroyer so I'm not sure what causes it because everything looks earthed...hope I helped a bit and didn't confuse you more, if I did, just ignore it...
see if there is a wire on the springs of your guitar ( the one at the back, normally three would be seen ). I suspect that the wire, usually unseen is unsoldered.