I think this is quite good, would have to here it being sung but I think the lyrics are OK.

Saying as your only 14 im pretty impressed
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Please don't start an emo band kid... I'm telling you, the critisism and the hate that goes with being an emo band really gets you down...

Anyway... good lyrics, and I'll say what the other guy said-- considering that you're only 14 makes it even better... just don't start an emo band, I'm telling you...
Thanks very much for the comments...
@AwesomeOni: We will probably be more of a Punk band by the start anyway but if we do stay a little 'Emo', we would only be a third 'Emo' so they will only hate a third of us lol!

On a serious note, we will take that into consideration..Thanks
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Cool kid... anyway... once you get to record it, send the file to me, ja?
I bet it will be awesome...